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ZUBR electromechanical relays provide professional protection of household and industrial equipment against unacceptable voltage, current or power fluctuations. They protect against misalignment, out of sequence or sticking of phases, as well as other emergency situations in the network. With the help of ZUBR, you can monitor the operation of connected electrical appliances, optimizing their energy consumption.

Wide range
You can choose devices with rated operating currents from 5 to 63 A, power from 1,000 to 13,900 VA, and for both socket and DIN rail mounting.

Wide functionality and well-thought-out design
All models are equipped with a switch-on delay, which provides additional protection for your equipment until the voltage is stabilized. And some devices use the True RMS algorithm and a professional load shedding model.

Safety during operation
Most relays are equipped with thermal protection. And the body made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate provides additional protection in unusual (emergency) situations.

Reliability of components
For the production of ZUBR relays, we use only high-quality components from such global manufacturers as EPCOS, Samsung, HTC, etc. For example, German EPCOS capacitors lose their capacity 3-4 times slower, so they last 3-4 times longer.

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