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VARTA Accessories

Empowering independence

VARTA Portable Power – empowering the independent way of living. The VARTA Portable Power assortment provides a wide range of charging solutions comprising Power Banks, Wireless Charging products and Charging Accessories. Innovative products offering advanced safety features combined with the latest technology trends such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge provide you with the best energy and keep you and your mobile devices safe. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or earphones VARTA Portable Power products keep your devices powered wherever you need mobile energy, grant maximum convenience and offer perfect freedom and flexibility for consumer’s daily lives.


VARTA Accessories provide ultimate convenience with clever and functional features. The assortment includes useful gadgets to facilitate everyday life.


კომენტარის დატოვება

თქვენი ელფოსტის მისამართი გამოქვეყნებული არ იყო.