About Fiskars

Fiskars is one of the oldest companies in Finland with a history of 360 years. It all started in the 17th century with the construction of several iron factories. Thanks to its constant efforts and improvement, the Fiskars brand is becoming known all over the world and its products are considered to be the best in its segment. Today Fiskars is a manufacturer of products for garden, home and outdoor recreation. Following high international quality standards, the company has used only high quality and durable materials since its inception to achieve the best efficiency and comfort for customers.

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About Gerber Gear

Gerber is an American brand founded in 1939, it manufactures knives, many tools, cutting tools and equipment. Gerber’s historical past paved the way for an innovative, product-oriented future. Soldiers, hunters, and merchants alike carry it. Gerber is used in everyday life for example: for hunting, for survival, for work or for protection.

About Morakniv

Industrial Revolution started manufacturing camping gear in Redmond, WA in 1971. We started by making ski boot buckles and had our first hit product with our Original Candle Lantern. Through the 1990s we released more lanterns and built a loyal customer following. In recent years, we have pursued a more aggressive growth strategy, launching many new products and forging new partnerships. Beginning in 2005, we became the US distributor for Light My Fire of Sweden. Since then, we have experienced their Spork and Swedish FireSteel catapult the brand to popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. In 2008, we purchased long-time partner Pedco, maker of UltraPod camera tripods. In 2011, we began distributing Esbit, in 2012 we acquired Grilliput, and in 2013 we are pleased to announce our exclusive distributorship of Mora knives. All these great new products have fueled our growth and solidified our close relationship with our customers.


Whether on Fridtjof Nansen’s North Pole expedition or with Neil Armstrong on the moon – For over 130 years, VARTA has been there where passion, reliability and energy turn the future into the present. Today, VARTA offers a broad product portfolio of future-oriented energy solutions. From micro and household batteries, to customised lithium-ion batteries, to home and industrial storage systems, VARTA serves all stakeholders.